Community Council

February 2, 2015


Location: Millard High School Library

Meeting Time: 3:00p.m.

In attendance:

  • Chris Ann Jensen, Deanne Hare, Matt Day, MaryAnn Swallow, Lisa Barber, Jodi Robison
  • Dennis Alldredge, Kristine Myers, McKay Shields, Jaime Wade


Amount available $49,423.00

New computer lab Coach Sheriff’s classroom.

$730.00    per computer station

    X 30     computers stations

       $21,900      estimated cost of new lab

2 sets of Chrome Books for 2 English Classes

         $300      per station

           X60      2 classroom sets


8 cordless headsets for the auditorium for the use of all school and community functions.



Total   21,900




Total Remaining = $1,523

  • Chris Ann made motion to approve the proposal that Mr. Alldredge had prepared with the following changes that if more computers could fit in Coach Sheriff’s classroom to get more computers and then get 6 microphones instead of 8. If more computers will not fit we will stick to the original proposal of 30 computers and 8 microphones. Lisa seconded this motion and a unanimous vote carried. Motion passed. Mr. Alldredge will present this to the board this month.

  • Jodi made motion to adjourn and McKay seconded.