Community Council

October 5, 2015



Location: Millard High School Library


Meeting Time: 3:00p.m.


In attendance:

DeAnne Hare, Jenny Davenport, Dave Lund, Jodi Robison, Richard Beckstrand, Mike Gates

George Richardson, McKay Shields, Jaime Wade




·         1st Item of Business Elections

Richard made motion to elect Dave and McKay seconded.

Dave made motion to elect Richard and McKay seconded.

Dave made motion to close the voting and the voting took place. 4 votes Richard 2 Votes Dave

Richard will now hold President-Elect.


·         Mr. Richardson went over training materials.


·         Suggestions for next year. Mr. Richardson wants to find out exactly what was ordered for sure last year. He knows Microphones were ordered and 1 Chromebook Lab has been ordered.


*wireless sound systems for the lunchroom and classrooms

*distant learning students –laptops to checkout.

*buy teachers prep

*hire foreign language


Things to look for is maybe have teachers offer to teach something then have students register and then see what class has more interest and what will work with students and schedules. Also see what changes are going to happen with schedule and maybe if changes to the 5X5 look into worth buying a prep. By next meeting we will know more of where schedules are going so we can think more about buying out preps


Find out how much for the sound units and how many classrooms and areas would be interested in them. Mr. Richardson is going to find out from the district if they would match the price.



·         Richard made motion to adjourn and Deanne seconded meeting adjourned.