Millard High Community Council (Monday, November 6, 2017)
Generated by Jaime Wade on Monday, November 6, 2017



In Attendance: Derrick Dearden, Jaime Wade, Richard Beckstrand, Greg Roper, Heidi Worley, Lynetta Dearden
A. Welcome: Showed everyone board docs. and had them read the minutes. Richard made motion to approve the minutes and Lynetta seconded and unanimous carries.
B. Mission Statement -we have to meet certain expectations and wanted to see if the there is something to change or add. Mr. Dearden is going to an accreditation meeting on Thursday so we could talk about this next time.
Heidi wanted to add something about keeping up with technology. Something that shows we are looking towards the future. 
C.  Showed the budget for last year.
D. Showed the current plan. There could be some extra money in software and Mr. Dearden will talk to the faculty to find out if there is anything else they might need. We havent seen the bill for the TVś yet so we need to take that into consideration as well.
Last month we talked about hiring after hours tutors.  Mr. Dearden talked to someone about trying a trial period. But it was also mentioned that maybe we could ask some of the students to come in to tutor (possibly sterling scholars). 
E.  Trustland Deadline - after the holidays start structuring a plan for next year.
F. Showed the new TVś. We have 4 of the tvś already. Teachers are excited to have them. We are still waiting for 5 more. 
Jaime made motion to adjourn and Richard seconded