Minutes for Community Council 10-2-2017


Jaime Wade



In attendance: Derrick Dearden, Misty Bliss, Heidi Worley, Jenny Davenport, Richard Beckstrand


Agenda item 1.01 

*Mr. Dearden welcomed the council 

*Heidi nominated Jenny as President - Elect, 

  Misty Seconded and unanimous vote carried.


Agenda Item 1.02

*watched video on Community Council and School Land Trust Funds



Agenda Item 1.03 

*School Data - Our school grade for the 16-17 year was a C. Mr. Dearden showed us data on our school grade and where we compare to other schools compared to our size. Looking at the data we could see that Language Arts is above the state average, Science is 5% below, and for Math we are down even more than last year to 16.7% below the state average. 


Mr. Dearden brought up major points as he thinks we need to focus on our math scores.


What he's been doing...

1. Meeting with students to discuss math needs. He wants to talk to some of the students to find out what would motivate them.


2. Meetings with Math teachers to discuss change in practices. - He's already been meeting with teachers individually talking about ways to improve.


3. Analyze data and current practices 



Mr. Dearden's 3 Goals


1. Curriculum mapping

2. Motivation - there were rumors going aorund that the test didn't count so there were 10-15 students that just went in and didn't try. The legislature says that teachers can't use it for the grade but the test just can't negativley impact but can positively impact the grade. Mr. Dearden really wants to find ways to motivate the kids. 

3. Teaching Practices - Help teachers figure how and what they need to change. 


Discussion of some possibilites of having a math tutor for after hours. Be thinking of some ideas and bring them next time.


Agenda Item 1.04

Millard School District is currently implementing a new technology initiative.


As a School we want to support our teachers in their need for technology.


More computer mobile labs coming in December/January from the district. 


TVs from last year - Still not here, however they are on there way and the teachers are excited to get them.


We are anticipating $46,072 FY2018  This is up from $35,087 FY2017 last year. Quite a large increase in dividends payed by the land trust this year. 



Extra - Mrs. Bliss showed data that is broken down by ethnicity SOAR data and read from our high school mission statement connecting it to our goals as a school. 



Richard made motion to adjour and Jenny seconded. Meeting ended at 4:05