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Discussions about college and career readiness are everywhere - school, social media, newspapers and magazines, websites, Presidential speeches and more. Utah's public education and higher education offices are making bold statements about the improtance of college and career readiness. Utah business and community leaders have organized an initiative called Prosperity 2020 to advance educational investment and innovation. By 2020, 66% of jobs in Utah will require education and training beyond high school. Utah's educated and trained workforce of the future will propel our state to greater prosperity, impoved quality of life and the strongest economy in the nation. All students can prepare now to be ready for cllege and career.

What is College Ready?

College today means much more than a 4 year degree at a university. Being "college ready" means being prepared for any post secondary education after high school graduation - a 1 year certificate or diploma, a 2 year associate's degree, a 4 year bachelor's degree. Being ready for college means that a high school graduate has the English and mathematics knowledge and skills necessary to qualify for and succee in entry level, credit bearing college courses without the need for remedial coursework.

What is Career Ready?

In today's economy a "career" is not just a job. A career gives you a family supporting wage, pathways to advancement and requires college education and training. Some may be able to get a job with only a high school diploma but that alone may not guarantee job advancement or mobilty. Being ready for a career means that you graduate from high school with the English and mathematics knowledge and skills needed to qualify for and succeed in the postsecondary education and necessary training for your chosen career.