Community Council Meeting Minutes
Sept. 1, 2011
Delta High School

In attendance:
Dean Fowles, Rob Fowles, Ken Nielsen, Shane Rowley, Chad Warnick, Norene LaFevre, LeAnn Church, Jared Smith
Excused from mtg. - Russ Henrie, Kelli Albers, Stefanie Bliss

Conducting - Principal Dean Fowles

Welcome and introductions

Two new members are Jared Smith and Norene LaFevre.
Members provided emails and cell phone numbers so it would be easier to contact everyone.

MEETING SCHEDULE for School Year 2011-2012
All meetings will be held at 10 am on the following dates
Oct. 12th
Dec. 7th
Jan. 11th
Feb. 15th
Apr. 11th

SCHOOL COMMUNITY COUNCIL HANDOUT was given to each member. We reviewed the duties and responsibilities of the council members. Website was provided to council for information about their duties responsibilities. Information on elections and open meetings are also found at 

Council watched 2 training DVDs. Trust Land proposals must show an academic need and also show how it will increase students learning.

Time was turned over to Mr. Ken Nielson. Mr. Nielson reviewed last years "NO CHILD Left Behind" AYP reports. Millard County School District was a passing district and also Delta High School was a passing school last year. Math scores are still a concern. DHS is now using NWEA testing. Teachers must have a professional growth plan in place and by using NWEA they are able to have immediate test results. They can test 3 times a year.

Millard School District is beginning to offer online classes to their students.

Council quickly reviewed DHS Mission Statement, the DRSL and the School Improvement Plan. Council would like some time to go over these and discuss them at the next meeting.

Election of officers and positions-

Mr. Dean Fowles asked LeAnn Church if she would continue as Council secretary. She agreed.

Nominations for Council Chair:
Norene LaFevre nominated Jared Smith, Dean Fowles seconded nomination, Chad Warnick moved that nominations be closed. Votes were unanimous. Jared accepted  nomination.

 Nominations for Vice-chair:
Chad Warnick nominated Shane Rowley for vice-chairperson, Norene LaFevre seconded nomination, nominations moved to be closed by Jared Smith. Shane Rowley was voted in with 7 votes for and 1 against (that being Mr. Rowley), but he did accept the nomination.

Meeting adjourned