Community Council Meeting---October 12, 2011

Mr. Dean Fowles, Norene LeFevreMr. Rob Fowles, Mr. Shane RowleyJared Smith, Mr. Chad WarnickMr. Russ Henrie, Bonnie ShamoStephanie Bliss, Cindy Finlinson.

Excused: Kelly AlbersLeAnn Church

Welcome: Jared Smith
Minutes read by Mr. Dean Fowles and accepted by the Community Council.

Time was given to Bonnie Shamo and Cindy Finlinson to discuss the dress code policy specifically for the Jr. Prom dance. Bonnie presented a dress code policy and permit for the dances from Lehi High School. Bonnie had previously talked to Superintendent Styler about the code and he sent her to the Community Council to discuss changing the policy to acquire more modesty at the dances. Mr. Dean Fowles indicated that the community council is not a policy governing board but would check into the matter with the district. If the policy is to be changed,
the information would possibly be given to the students through an assembly, flyer, letter to the parents, etc. A motion was made by Mr. Chad Warnick to adopt a dress code policy similar to Lehi High School as well as a dance time policy from 8:30-11:30 but only creating the policy with the help and support of the student council and student body officers of Delta High School
for dances. All in favor unanimous vote was 7-0 by the council.

Review of DHS mission statement with council was discussed. The council felt the statement was somewhat repetitious and they felt it needed to be condensed. The council condensed the statement by taking out the last two sentences of the first paragraph and the first sentence of the second paragraph. The motion was made by Mr. Russ Henrie to change the statement and
seconded by Mr. Shane Rowley and approved by the board 7-0.

Review of the Desired Results for Student Learning (DRSL) by changing one of the State and Federal Standards from NWEA testing to End of Level Testing. Also, take out “increase the number of students who improve their level of proficiency” and change it to “increase participation in NWEA testing in all curricular areas. A Motion to make changes in DRSL made
by Mr. Chad Warnick seconded by Mr. Dean Fowles and unanimously approved by council 7-0.

A review of the school improvement plan was adopted and only a few wordage changes will be made to keep current with resources we are using at Delta High School.

Members were asked to think about ways to increase math scores.

Drug awareness night was set for sometime in the spring to help educate parents and students about the dangers of drugs. More will be coming on this event.

Building update was discussed about the plan moving forward. A building committee was recently put into place and the group will visit other schools to get ideas on a new building.