Delta High School Community Council Minutes
January 17, 2012

Present at the meeting - Mr. Dean Fowles, Mr. Rob Fowles, Jared Smith, Mr. Shane Rowley, LeAnn, Church, Stephanie Bliss, Kelli Albers, Mr. Chad Warnick, and Mr. Russ Henrie.

Excused from meeting - Norene LeFevre

Welcome - President Jared Smith

Minutes from last meeting posted on website. Chad Warnick motioned to accept minutes. Seconded by Russ Henrie. Minutes accepted.

Principal Dean Fowles explained that every year concerns about the dance dress code have been brought to the school. Millard County School District already has a dress code in place, however, there has been leniency at the school activities such as dances and ball games.

At the October meeting, a dress code that was similar to Lehi High School’s dress code was looked at and it was voted in favor to adopt a dress code policy with the help of the student council and the junior class girls. Mr. Fowles explained that they had taken this to those students and the students voted for a dress code. Shortly after the meeting with the Junior girls, Mr. Fowles sent out a letter to the junior class.

Time was then turned over to Connie Johnson to express the concerns of some parents about this new dress code. Mrs. Johnson also had several students wear their formal wear. She expressed that none of the clothing that the students were wearing would pass the new dress code. Several parents and board members expressed their concerns. The board asked the parents what they thought was appropriate and what they felt like would be reasonable. President Smith then assured the parents that the committee would take their concerns and make a decision today about the dress code. He also invited any of the parents who wanted to stay to the rest of the meeting to stay. The parents who needed to leave were then dismissed.

Mr. Dean Fowles reviewed the plans for the new school. Groundbreaking is planned for the end of this school year and construction will take 18 months.

Accreditation review is scheduled for May 3rd and 4th. Council members may need to come help with that.

The Land Trust was reviewed. It is estimated that the Land Trust will be about $40,000.00 for next year. New proposals from the administration, the science department, and Mr. Banks were discussed. The council is concerned about meeting AYP and getting the Math scores up. Council will review this more at the next meeting.

PLC Conference will be held in Las Vegas around the 10th of June. An invitation to attended these meetings was extended to council members.

The dress code was discussed by council. After taking into consideration the concerns and thoughts of both the council and the parents, it was decided to amend the Jr. Prom dress code for the coming Junior Prom.

Girls - No cleavage, the back must not be lower that the braline, no open sides or midriff cutouts, no strapless, and the length must not be shorter that an inch above the knee.
Boys - Dress slacks or colored pants, no blue jeans, collared shirts, ties, and appropriate dress shoes or dress boots. No display of undergarments.

The dress code will be re-evaluated before next school year for not only formal dances but for all dances. If changes are made the changes of the dress code would be in the handout that each student receives at the beginning of the year.
Chad Warnick moved to amend the dress policy. Kelli Albers seconded the motion and unanimously was approved by the council 9 - 0.