Delta High School Community Council

2-26-13 Minutes

Excused—Stephannie Bliss, Kelly Albers

Council Chair Smith called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone.

Minutes from previous meeting approved: Motion by Member Baker, seconded by Member Bassett.

Discussion and update on the new school and the circumstances of the existing old gym. Many people are signing a petition to keep the old gym. Facts of the maintenance and upkeep of the old gym were given to the members.

Land Trust Expenditure Proposal was developed by the council. Proposals approved were:

1-      Teacher Collaboration----------------------------$12,000

2-      “My Access” Writing Program ------------------$3,500

3-      Accelerated Reader Program-------------------$2,500

4-      Science Department Portable I-pad Lab-----$27,000

5-      I-pad Professional Development/Training---$6,000

6-      Ag Classroom Sound System--------------------$1,500 (If funds are available)

7-      Science Department Software/Materials----$8,000 (If funds are available)

Motion to approve by Member Warnick, seconded by Member LeFevre-All Approved

Discussion on member terms and circumstances of future elections took place.

Meeting Adjourned