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Community Council 12/17/14

Attendance:     Principal Fowles
                        Jared Smith
                        Matt Bassett
                        Brett Draper
                        Valyn Stephenson
                        Connie Johnson
                        Kris Albrect
                        Debbie Visser
                        Jimi Baker

President Smith welcomed the board and turned the time to Principal Fowles

Principal Fowles addressed the council about the school grade that was given by the state board and Delta High School received a "B" letter grade and was very pleased from this report.

Principal Fowles went over the school improvement plan with the council and discussed if there need to be any changes or goals that are outdated and need to be improved.   Many of the members feel that the teachers and students are more familiar with the SAGE test and it is anticipated that the test scores will go up in all testing areas.   There was some concern with the English as a Second Language class and discussion was held on how to get these ESL students to improve in their test scores.  Member Stephenson researched some schedules and ways to modify the schedule to allow students extra time for students to get specific help from students.  The schedule is attached to the lunch period and Principal Fowles stated his concern about changing the schedule but we would continually look at ways to modify the schedule to benefit the students.  There was a large discussion about how we can motivate our ESL students and ways to improve.

There was a motion  by Member Draper to send the band, orchestra, and choir teachers to their annual conference in St. George and was seconded by Mr. Bassett and voted unanimously by the community council.  Principal Fowles indicated that the funds are available.

Principal Fowles gave out the school Land Trust Proposal for discussion and possible ways to spend the money and those programs who had put in for the money.  Principal Fowles needs to report those proposed expenditures for the March Board Meeting.   Mr. Fowles talked about purchasing chrome books, i-pad keyboards, teacher collaboration, accelerated reader program, IXL licenses for Math and English, materials for Chemistry and Physics and lab top labs for English.
Mr. Bassett discussed the IXL program with math and english licenses.  It was talked about by the board to fund the collaboration for teachers, possibly two chrome labs, and IXL licenses.  Discussion was made about hiring other teachers or instructional assistants.  Discussion about having a teacher come for only a year would be tough because Trust Lands Money is on a year to year basis.

The Millard School District Safe School Policy 6090 was given to the Community Council to review for the next meeting in January.

Discussion was made regarding students at the Middle School and how they don't have to pass their middle school level material before they come to the High School.

Meeting adjourned.  Next meeting scheduled for January 21, 2015