Testing Information

ACT for Juniors

The ACT will be given, to all Junior students, at the end of February. The school and distrcit will cover the cost of the testin. Counselors will also take care of the application process. More information will be given, to the students and parents, as that time approaches.


More information, regarding the ACT test please go to  http://www.act.org

ACT Test Dates & Deadlines

Test Date                Registration Deadline

October 27, 2018     September 28, 2018

December 8, 2018     November 2, 2018       

February 9, 2019     January 11, 2019        

April 13, 2019         March 8, 2019

*Please remember to bring your admission ticket and a photo ID with you to the test or you will not be allowed in to test. Thank you!

Aspire Testing will take place for 9th and 10th grade students. (Pre-ACT) to take place during April and May


Juniors will have the opportunity to take the exam in October of 2019. You must sign up in the Counseling Center and pay the required fee to take this test.

ACT Test for Juniors

Provided for all 11th grade students by Millard School District will take place February 20th, 2019. This test will take place during school hours and is only available to Delta High School 11th grade students.

Make up test for ACT Test for Juniors will take place immediately following the initial test date February 21st and 22nd.