Delta Middle School
Student Handbook


 Address:  Phone: (435) 864-5660
 251 East 300 North  Fax: (435) 864-5669
 Delta, Utah  84624  Web:

Welcome to the Delta Middle School!  We are anticipating an excellent year and look forward to our association with students and parents.


We at Delta Middle School believe that all students have the opportunity to reach their full academic potential  through appropriate instruction,  adequate time and support from home.  Our major goal is to help students learn and grow in order to become productive members of society.   We  desire students to attain the following  skills:


  1. Academic success.

  2. High self esteem as a learner and person.

  3. Thinking skills.

  4. Self directed learners.

  5. Concern for others.

  6. Process skills such as problem solving, decision making, accountability, and responsibility.

  7. Good citizens in school, home and community.


This handbook has been prepared to provide students and parents with information pertaining to the policies and procedures at the Delta Middle School.  We ask that students and parents read the handbook carefully, as students will be expected to follow the policies and procedures as outlined.