Delta Middle School Community Council Minutes

November 13, 2012

Those in attendance:

Rebecca Callister

Samantha Jeffery –Chair

Gorrety Avalos

Jennifer Nielson

Kristen Anderson

Lisa Draper-Vice Chair

Judy Hoelzle

Jackie Shiner

Welcome: Mrs. Rebecca Callister

The minutes from the September 4th Community Council Meeting were approved.

Review of NWEA Testing


  • Testing data was handed out to each of the council members, Millard School District trending data for the past five years was handed out as well. Delta Middle School trending data can only be counted for the past three years as this is when the fifth grade students started attending. Delta Middle School’s testing scores have gone up each of the three years.
  • There is a new online site (Public School Data Gateway) that ranks schools according to proficiency and growth. This is a better way to rank the schools than we have had in the past as it grades the schools on the growth of the students as well as the number of students proficient in each subject.
  • Science will now be accountable on testing data. It will be administered as CRT rather than NWEA.


Determine the School Needs According to the Data Provided


  • Suggestion sheets have been provided to the teachers for input on the needs for next year’s School Improvement /Trustlands Plan, we have had some returned but not all of the teachers have responded yet.
  • The Community Council members were asked for input on suggestions for next year’s plan.
  • Based on the response from the teachers and the suggestions made during the meeting from members, the top priority for the school will continue to be reading and written expression. Students who are proficient readers will continue to do better in all the core subjects.
  • The Anita Archer reading program was described by Mrs. Shiner, the members feel this could be of great benefit to the 5th and 6th grade classes. Particularly for the students that are struggling with reading. Volunteers for the 5th/6th grade reading groups were suggested. The teachers feel the students are not getting enough actual reading time in their LA blocks. In many cases parents don’t know if their students are reading on grade level or not, it was suggested that tips for parents be put in the newsletter.
  • Comprehension is an area we would like to improve for the 7th and 8th grade students. A remedial reading class for students not proficient in the LA area was suggested. The members also agree that the extended LA classes have benefitted the students, they would like to have the extended LA classes continue.
  • Vocabulary is an area we feel our students could use improvement as well.
  • The need for improvements in our Science Department was discussed, as the school will now be accountable for science testing scores.

Mrs. Callister would like all members of the Community Council to get suggestions and ideas from members of the community. We will try and look at ideas from other schools and we will gather the rest of the suggestion sheets from the teachers. We will then meet again and finalize a rough draft for next year’s School Improvement/Trustlands plan.

Next meeting is scheduled for January 22, 2013 at 2:50 in Mrs. Callister’s office.


Meeting was adjourned at 4:10 PM.