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Delta Middle School Community Council Minutes

January 29, 2013

Those in attendance:

Rebecca Callister

Samantha Jeffery-Chair

Gorrety Avelos

Jennifer Nielson

Kristen Anderson

Lisa Draper-Vice Chair

Judy Hoelzle

Colleen Atkinson

Matt Williams

Welcome: Mrs. Lisa Draper

The minutes from the November 13th Community Council Meeting were approved.

  1. 1. Data from the questionnaire provided to the teachers has been tallied and the input for next year’s School Improvement / Trustlands Plan will be discussed.
  1. 2. Student safety issues were discussed, Mrs. Callister had members of the Sherrif’s department at our faculty meeting last week. They provided the teachers with information on student safety and steps the school could take to help ensure the safety of all students. There will be an article in the February newsletter to inform the parents of changes. We will keep all outside doors, except the front entrance locked during school hours. Visitors, volunteers, cadet teachers and substitute teachers will be required to sign in and out and will be provided with a visitor’s pass to wear while they are in the school. We will be having drills to train the students on various emergency situations.
  2. 3.There has been a safety issue with high school students driving too fast and not stopping for pedestrians on the street in front of the Middle School. Mrs. Callister has asked for police officers to patrol this area more frequently and has asked the High School to announce to the students to take care while driving on this street. We are also looking into having our crosswalk repainted.
  3. 4.It was also suggested by our committee that we might be able to provide better student incentives for students participating in science fairs, AP reading, etc. They feel there might be more interest for students in completing these projects according to the directions given if there was such an incentive.

The next meeting will be scheduled after the members have read the School Improvement/Trustland plan for the 2013/2014 school year.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:30 PM