Delta Middle School

Community Council Minutes

November 13, 2013

Members in attendance:

Kim Tolley,

Samantha Jeffery

Kristen Anderson

Karen Loertscher

Rebecca Callister

Jacki Johnson

Members excused:

                Lisa Draper

  • Community Council formally elected Samantha Jeffery as Chair and Kristen Anderson as Vice-Chair.  
  • Council reviewed the testing results from spring 2013 End of Level Testing. Council members felt as though the 2 hour Language Arts position has been a valuable way to spend Trust Lands money. Testing continued to improve in the areas of Math and Language Arts, however, it dropped a percentage point in science. It was determined that we still want to continue to fund the Language Arts, and math programs, but we need to help with science.
  • The Council suggested that we find out the prices to the following items that they feel is the most critical to our school at this time:
  1. 2 hour Language Arts position
  2. Accelerated Reader
  3. Utah Write/My Access
  4. IXL Math Program
  5. Mobile Lab
  6. Maintenance Stipend
  7. Testing Coordinator Stipend
  8. Equipment: desktop computers, projectors, smart board pens etc.
  9. Ipads for teachers
  10. Mini-ipads for 5th grade science center 3-5

We will get price quotes on these items for our next meeting

  1. Next meeting was scheduled for Dec. 4 at 3:00
  2. Meeting adjourned