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Delta Middle School
Amended-Trust Lands
2012-2013 Proposal

Prepared by Delta Middle School Trustlands Committee

Mrs. Samantha Jeffery, Chair
Mrs. Lisa Draper, Vice-chair
Mrs. Goretty Avalos
Mrs. Jennifer Nielson
Mrs. Kristen Anderson
Mrs. Judy Hoelzle
Mrs. Rebecca Callister, Principal

 Review of the 2011-2012

 The 2011-2012 Trust Lands Proposal for the Delta Middle School focused on the areas designated in our school improvement plan, as well as other areas where pressing needs had been identified by individual departments within the school.

The first portion of our budget was set aside to hire an additional teacher 2 hour Language Arts highly qualified teacher for our 8th grade English enhancement/remediation class.   Students were given the opportunity to participate in this elective course to further develop and build their Language Arts abilities in the areas of: writing, reading, comprehension, vocabulary and critical thinking.

The second portion was set aside to reimburse teachers for conducting grade level planning and coordination. Our teachers have been involved in the various training programs that our District has provided in the past years.   As we have added various programs to the load of teacher responsibilities we feel that it is necessary to provide adequate collaboration time so teachers can coordinate their curricula. We have met and will continue to meet for one hour each month for these purposes. While this is a valuable component to building efficient learning communities, next year most teachers will be able to collaborate within the prep times they that are scheduled and the half hour before and after school.

The third portion was used to purchase desktop computers for our teachers. Many teachers have been without computers for lengthy amounts of time. Desktop computers were not functioning to the extent necessary to provide the teacher with the assistance needed to run his/her classroom effectively. By purchasing 11 desktop computers, the majority of teachers are now able to use updated software and programs to provide high quality instruction and enhance student learning.

A fourth portion and fifth portion of the money was used to purchase teaching resources such as trade books for our Language Arts classes, as well as provide compensation to our testing coordinator for extra hours of scheduling and proctoring to administer standardized testing throughout the year.  Supplies were also purchased to create data books within several classes to help our students monitor and track their weekly progress.

Our trust lands money has been used for items that have contributed to the quality of our school, and we are very appreciative of this source of funding.

Trust Lands Proposal 2012-2013

High Qualified English Teacher- 2 hour

Rationale: Based on the 2011 CRT testing, Delta Middle School has identified Language Arts as an area of academic need. In order to meet state proficiency levels, and the requirements of NCLB, it is necessary to continue intense interventions specifically in the areas of Language Arts.

The Delta Middle School Community Council agreed that at this time, it is in our students’ best interest to hire a 2-hour highly qualified English teacher to meet the academic demands of our 7th and 8th grade students.   This additional teacher would allow approximately 90 students to take an extended 45 minute block to enhance reading and comprehension strategies, critical thinking skills, and vocabulary building. Students will also have the opportunity to read and analyze popular and classic American literature and focus on the writing process.

This extension of time will concentrate on student driven activities rather than typical routines and practices.   The Response to Intervention (RTI) diamond model and Special Education Inclusion model will be implemented to remediate struggling learners as well as provide enhancements to meet the needs of at-level and higher achieving students.  Explicit instruction will guide whole group instruction, while differentiation of content, process and product will meet the needs of all individual learners. This comprehensive approach to building academic excellence is recognized through the Utah Schools to Watch program that is endorsed by the Utah State Office of Education.

 Budget: The cost for hiring a 2 hour English Teacher $16,857

Total:        $16,857


 Utah Write Program/My Access

Rationale: Each student will have the opportunity to use Utah Write on a weekly basis to develop and strengthen their writing abilities. This program provides immediate feedback and multiple revisions until students writing is at mastery level. This is a supplemental tool used to support the writing process in all curriculum areas.

 Budget: The 5th grade students can use this program at no cost. The 6th grade cost for Utah Writes is $744, and the 7th and 8th cost for My Access is $1493.

Total:        $2,237.00


Testing Coordinator

Rationale:Because of test rule conformity we feel there is a need to have a testing coordinator in our school that is responsible for the scheduling and administration of all standardized tests. This individual will collaborate and coordinate with individual teachers to lessen test anxiety and ensure the integrity of test protocol and results.

Total:       $1,500

Accelerated Reading Program

Rationale: The Accelerated Reading program is designed to assess students reading levels through the STAR assessment and provide feedback on individual reading abilities using lexile scores. The AR program will also be a supplemental tool used by Language Arts/Reading teachers to assess SSI (Sustained Silent Reading). This program will be also be used in conjunction with Booktalk.

Budget: It is estimated that the cost of this program will run between $2500- $4500.
Total: $2,780

Technology Maintenance Stipend

Rationale: Maintenance of our smartboards /computers is a critical component to high quality instruction. We have spent large amounts of money to ensure our students have every opportunity to learn and understand necessary concepts. Technology is now a vital component to teacher instruction and student understanding; therefore it is necessary to have our technology running efficiently at all times. Countless hours are spent by several school employees within our school to help maintain equipment. By paying an employee a stipend, this ongoing burden will compensate a small amount of unpaid time and effort.

Total: $500

Desktop Computers for Teachers

Rationale: There is a need for desktop computers for several teachers at DMS. Many teachers rely on their desktop computers in the classroom.   This is becoming a problem, as the desktop computers are not functioning to the extent necessary to provide the teacher with the assistance needed to run his/her classroom effectively. By purchasing desktop computers for these teachers, they will be able to use updated software and programs to provide high quality instruction and enhance student learning.

Budget: It is estimated that each desktop computer will be $400-500. We will allocate $4500, in hope of purchasing 10 desktop computers.

Total:        $4,500


Mobile Laptop Unit

Rationale: Because of the high demands of computer labs, Delta Middle School feels that it is in the best interest of every student/teacher to purchase a mobile lab unit. This purchase will allow easier access to computers and provide additional opportunities in the areas of testing, supplemental instruction, independent work and positive reinforcement.

 Budget: It is estimated that a set of 24 laptop computers, storage cart, charging equipment, and mobile lab printer will cost $15,000.
Total:        $15,000

Purchase of equipment and teaching resources for the classroom.

Rationale: After conducting a needs assessment with our teachers and community council we established a list of educational priorities for our school to purchase and or provide with our trust lands funding.

Document Readers for teachers.

Replacement equipment for smartboards or promethean boards.

Professional Development

Supplemental reading materials.

*If funding permits

Total estimated expenditures: $43,000-$45,718