School Land Trust

2012-2013 Final Report Summary

Delta Middle School’s Improvement Plan for the 2012-2013 school year was focused on helping our students reach 89% proficiency in Language Arts, and 67% proficiency in math as required by No Child Left Behind. In order to meet this goal, our Community Council elected to distribute the School Land Trust money to the following items:

• Salaries: $20,661- Highly Qualified Language Arts Teacher/ Maintenance Stipend.  A two hour language arts teacher was hired to focus on 7th grade tier II students who were in need of intense interventions for reading and writing. The maintenance stipend was provided to our School Technology Specialist who worked additional hours to maintain, update and fix any computers issues that he was able to, so teachers could run the programs and software that was purchased.

• Software:  $5025.  The software purchased for Delta Middle School during the 2012-2013 school year included: Utah Write/My Access licenses, Accelerated Reader licenses and IXL Math licenses.

• Equipment: $12,621.  This money purchased 14 laptop computers as well as a mobile lab cart and printer.  Our council felt it necessary to purchase mobile lab for our students to have more access to use the technology that had been purchased.  We also purchased several desktop computers for our teachers.