From the Office of the Principal…

Dear Parents/Guardians:

          Welcome to Delta North Elementary.  It is exciting to have a ‘new’ school with students who have so much potential.  I hope this school year is a great learning adventure for both your child and you.  The staff are ready and anxious to begin the year.  They are committed to do all they can to ensure this year will be a success.

          Delta North Elementary is dedicated to putting the student first.  We have excellent programs and activities.  Staff members continue to receive training in the latest best practices that will enhance learning.  We value each child and their success is our goal.

          I would like to encourage you to make your child’s education a priority.  The elementary years are critical in developing a solid foundation that will assist your child throughout their life.  Please help us in making school a positive experience through regular attendance, showing an interest in their studies, and keeping in contact with your child’s teacher.

          I want every child to feel successful, safe, and happy at school.  With our committed staff and your help, each child will become a successful life-long learner.  Please know my door is always open.




Delna Bliss, Principal