School Land Trust Program

           The School Land Trust Program has been around since 1785!  Back then, Congress reserved one square mile out of every thirty-six square mile township for the maintenance of public schools.  In 1850, two square miles in every township were granted.  The states are responsible for spending that money.  In 1980 the Utah State Office of Education found this money to be mismanaged.  After much reform, the School Land Trust Program in Utah is well-managed and ensures the money is used wisely for the education of children.

            The School Community Council decides how the Land Trust funds are spent, based on recommendations from the school and community.  Yearly, each school is required to make a report to the public on how they spent the money provided by the School Land Trust.  Below you will see how the money was used at Delta North Elementary.

            Delta North was allocated $36,350 for the 2016-17 school year. 

            The Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts grant provided some money to employ the dance specialist.  $7,000 was used from School Land Trust money to supplement this salary.  Students participate in dance class weekly.

            A Chrome Lab was purchased for $10,225.  This lab was needed to address the growing demand for devices students to complete writing, research, and Moby Max work.

            One full time and one part time instructional assistant were hired.  These employees worked with progress monitoring and small group instruction.  They were a crucial part of our Tier II instruction.  The salaries and benefits total for these employees was $25,777.

            All students worked on reading practice and comprehension.  They used the Accelerated Reader program to track progress, monitor comprehension, and motivate reluctant readers.  The cost for the program was $4,152.

            The total spent for the 2016-2017 school year was $40,177.  There was no carry-over.