Participation in P.E. and Recess. . .

All students are expected to participate in P.E. (Physical Education) classes. A note from home is adequate for temporary exclusion. Permanent exclusion, however, requires written authorization from a physician.
All students are expected to participate in an annual two-week swimming class taught at the West Millard Swimming Pool. For this class, students must bring a suit and towel. Swimming apparel MUST be modest.
All students participate in the Delta North Elementary Physical fitness program. Outdoor events that are part of this program are part of this program are conducted in the fall and spring of the school year. Students should wear proper footgear for running to avoid injury and fatigue.

If your child has been ill and you do not want him/her to go outside for recess or noon hour, please send a note to your student’s teacher. Such notes are honored for three days. Students are then expected to go outside. If a student is to remain indoors more than three days, please contact your child’s teacher.
In cases of inclement weather (extreme cold, rain, snow, fog, etc.), the administration determines whether or not the student body should be dismissed for outdoor recess. When the weather does not permit outdoor recess, students remain in their classrooms. Games and activities are provided for their enjoyment and relaxation.