School Food Services…

          Nutritious breakfasts and lunches are served daily in the cafeteria.  Food service personnel are continuously striving to provide well-balanced and appetizing meals that encourage students to eat and learn about proper nutrition in the process.  Well –nourished students perform better in school!

          Application for free or reduced meals MUST be made at the Millard School District Offices, located at 285 East 450 North in Delta, or online at Delta North Elementary School’s webpage.  Payment for regularly priced meals can be made at the DNES office.  School lunch prices are:

  (Due to possible changes in the price of Breakfast and Lunch, the costs will be published on Millard School District’s webpage.) This year the cost is $45.00 lunch/ $35.00 breakfast

          Parents are encouraged to pay monthly, due on the first school day of each month, to keep their student food service accounts with a positive balance.  It is necessary that a payment be made at the time of registration and on September 1st, so accounts do not become delinquent.  When account balances become past due, parents will be asked to send sack lunches until payment is received.  Money remaining in accounts at the end of the year will be carried over to the next year.

          Students who bring sack lunches are invited to eat in the school cafeteria.  They are subject to the same rules of behavior and etiquette that apply to children who eat school–prepared meals.  Candy and soda pop are NOT allowed in the cafeteria during mealtime.  Parents SHOULD NOT send such items to school with their children in sack lunches.  We are a peanut free school.  We have children who are severely allergic.  Please do not send peanut butter sandwiches or any other item containing peanuts.

          If your child has a special dietary need or allergy, a SPECIAL MEAL REQUEST FORM, available through the school office, MUST BE COMPLETED BY YOUR PHYSICIAN IN ORDER FOR THE STUDENT TO RECEIVE FOOD SUBTITUTES.  This form must be updated annually.

          Fifth grade students are invited to work in the cafeteria.  Students working in the lunchroom are paid $.75 per day.  They receive this payment at the conclusion of their work assignment.