Student Dress Code…

          Students should dress modestly and be well - groomed.  Shoes must be worn at all times on the school campus.  See - through clothing, off the shoulder and the obvious display of undergarments is not allowed.  Clothing that excessively exposes any part of the torso (midriffs, tank tops, halters, etc.) is not permissible school attire.  Clothing that is distracting, offensive, vulgar, or in poor taste is prohibited.  Baggy, loose fitting pants and shorts are strictly prohibited.  Shorts and dresses worn at school must be the length of one’s fingertips when the arm is extended to the side.  Blouses and/or shirts must have sleeves of some type.  Flip flops and open toed shoes are not allowed due to playground injuries and slipping hazards.

          No type of hat is to be worn inside the school building.

          Unless the weather is too severe, children are expected to be outside during recess and noon breaks for fresh air and exercise.  SUDDEN CHANGES IN WEATHER CONDITIONS SHOULD BE EXPECTED.  Please see that your students are dressed appropriately for these changes.