Community Council September 20, 2017

Lorna Adams called a meeting to order and gave an introduction for how CC works.

Mr. Robison expressed gratitude for those serving on the committee.

Elections for this year Chair and Co-Chair:   Lorna nominated Karilyn Shields, Alexis Taylor nominated                      Shannon Blad.  Karilyn nominated  Shannon Blad  & Vicki Allen nominated Whitney Swallow.              Chariman: Karilyn Shields and Whitney Swallow Co-Chair for 2017-18 CC year.

Calendar: Hold meeting the first week of each month-October 5, November 2, December 7, January 18, February 1, Review.

Recap of District Training – Whitney Swallow. Learned how the land is used. Utah is the only state with a committee to decide how the money is used.  Discussed focus area of funding.

Test results of sage & Dibles released at end of month, scoring index was changed we are a “B” our goal to narrow focus and become great at one instead of good at a lot.  A2A focus on low area and get better.

Where We’re Going:  Title II money + pro development – no more $110,000.00 gone.  Suggest putting money

into Pro Development.                                                                                                                                                                                        Computer Status: Grade 1-4 have a computer per student.                                                                                                         Carry Over:  $2200.00

A2A compensation: would need to amend last yrs. budget if this is agreed on.  Vote next month on spending roll over money- $30.00 per month per A2A teacher.

Best Practices


Lorna: What is take away form Push Ins from Push Ins?  Vicki Allen: Great help moving the teaching. Push In time helps with Reading and writing.

Lorna: What is the growth?   Vicki Allen extension on Reading and writing last year they made Brochures for BLM & Forest Service, Senior Center, Great enrichment opportunities.  Focus using core standards.

Superintendent asked about what other schools are doing to excel.

Karen Jackson paid from Trust fund money and Jill LeBaron 20 %. We would like to add another Para through Trust Funds.

Read for next time.

Identify by grade level.

Goal Submit by February

Lorna Adjorn Vicki 2nd

Meeting Start time will be 3:15 for future meetings.