Fillmore Elementary School

Community Council October 5, 2017

Canisha Harrison & Lorna Adams excused.

Karilyn Shields welcome and overview of goals and end result for the Trust Fund money.

Thanks to Whitney Swallow for treats.

Alexis Taylor motioned to approve the minutes. Vicki Allen 2nd.

Mr. Robison: How do other schools use Trust Funds

Technology, Study Skills Class, Academic Field trips, after school tutoring, aides & teachers, Pro Dev., books & magazines, & mini grants.

Cannot use for bonus etc.

Pg 15 Budget

Amber Anderson

Skill Center= Academic Behavioral PBIS (positive Behavior)

Each amount will go up 2%

Will shoot for leader In Me $10,000.00

Will focus on 3 R’s this year,

Teachers need to get purchases Okayed before purchasing. 

May want to spend money for leveled readers in another way. Keep some money for replacement books.

Software: Mobymax- chrome books- clever password scan. How to get Mobymax password for home?

District didn’t pay for Read Natural. We may want to help with a program for Kindergarten ESGI. Dibles was paid for out of K-3 funding. Kindergarten Parent night for OEK is paid for from K-3 $2000.00 a year.

High Ability enhancement for Push In time for higher students. (Accelerated students)

Technology – Need two carts for chrome labs, $1,200.00 a cart.

Carry Over:

A2A compensation for teacher time (Stipend).

Tutoring – before and after school, AmeriCorps tutoring, Friday after school tutoring.

Karilyn Shields made motion to give stipends for A2A teachers from carryover, Shanon Blad 2nd. Teacher divided by nine from whatever is left over to zero it out. ($5.00 balance) $2442.00

Vicki likes having a lump sum.

Leader In Me money, Math Intervention, three hour aide general or specify, music program, Canisha’s Kindergarten program.

Alexis Taylor made a motion to adjourn meeting, Whitney 2nd