Community Council November 2, 2017

Excused: Vicki Allen, Shanon Blad, Alexis Taylor

Page 16: Go though and ear mark the things we want to change.

Question Lorna, Which things might have been picked up by the District?

Karen Jackson is paid as reading interventionist

20% Beverly Taylor and Skills Center with $1,500 supplies, Brenda Huntsman and Michelle Monroe partial salary.

Leader In Me= Leadership $5000.00 is Max we can put into this category. Milford got a quote to send 35 teachers for $10,000.00. It also requires $110.00 for supplies for each person. The license for Franklin Covey products is $7,500.00. We need $2,500.00 from PTA to have enough. We hope they donate again.  The training will focus on areas and rotate through them. We want work on one habit at a time as we have with the “3R’s”. It would take three years to get the additional training to become a 7 Habits School.

Professional Development; consideration because of the lack of title II funding.

Teacher Supplies; teachers appreciate not having to pay for items with their own money.

School Newspaper; could add a volunteer to run this.

Leveled Readers; will want to replace some books-could drop to $1,000.00.

High Ability; Use this money someplace else.

Soft Ware; Mobymax $1,000.00

Read Natural; $690.00

ESGI; program for Kindergarten and 1st grade for testing, It’s a quick way to access. /shows data readily. $200.00 per- cheaper for more. We’d like Canisha to get a quote.

Technology; District is working on a computer for each student. All of our Smart Boards came from Trust Funds

Carry Over; building teaching leaders.

A2A- discontinue after first of the year.

Substitute teachers; maybe have classes for sub. Training. If you sub 80 days $100.00 bonus.

Our math scores went up from ranking 8th place to ranking 4th. Try to address all learning levels. Same demographics.

Dibles = one person per school.

Next meeting Dec. 7th.

Karilyn moved to adjourn-Canisha 2nd