Fillmore Elementary School

Community Council

November 7, 2018

Attending: Harold Robison, Vicki Allen, Canisha Harrison, Karilyn Sheilds, Lorna Adams, Whitney Swallow, & Alexis Taylor.

Welcome Karilyn:

Discussion on final report for 2017-2018:  Closing out last year: $30,000.00 was allotted last year for salaries & benefits- $36,360.00 was used. $62,000.00 was budgeted for current year salaries & benefits (2018-19). We will receive a 10% increase for 2019-20. Haven’t spent money for teachers’ stipends, Level readers, sub incentives.

Sub night was awesome - subs are happy with the incentive, pull from $5,000.00 technology. DIBLES, didn’t use money budgeted for Seven habits, used professional development money.

2019-2020:                                                                                                                                                                                            Items to look: at Covered waiting area- capital outlay, benches (rubberized), Smart TVs, Smart board.

Technology: Smart TVs, hand me down laptops, Karen Jackson works with Lexia and new curriculum, pulls students to find sounds missing.

Enrichment: part schools’ newspaper & another fund accelerated learners. How to use that money with KS Mr. Chappell - each class does enrichment. Kits for each class- still happening addition training for packet handed out.

Every Monday mtg. to talk about weekly enrichment- push-ins – extend to meet needs- push kids to work harder= Lexia based on kids’ level – 1-4th lexia push-ins in groups in class.  Intervention pull outs afternoon.  Target what they need.

Scores are doing great!! 3rd in literacy and 2nd in math.

Karilyn did a general-base for expenses. Then add to it.

Leader In Me- almost everyone had 7 habits training. Do we need to set more money aside? Launch in leadership- next training- can’t build into this school year. Will talk to teachers. License? There is nowhere or money to pull from. One more training. Parent piece to Leader In Me. All schools eventually, hopefully.

Next meeting work on what and & where we want to spend the Land Trust moneys. What should the extra be used on?

New items this year: Sub incentive, different reading format, different challenge each month.

Eagle TV – shows our behavior expectations- playground video.

Next meeting Dec. 5th.

Lorna motioned to adjourn, Alexis 2nd