Fillmore Elementary Community Council                                           Wednesday December 5, 2018

In attendance: Karilyn Shields, Canisha Harrison, Vicki Allen, Whitney Swallow, Alexis Taylor, Mr. Robison, Shannon Blad, & Leisa Carling.


  • Digital citizenship: Mrs. Wood teaches four lessons on Near Pod, internet safety- twice a year. Drake Chappell also teaches in 3rd grade classrooms.
  • School Fees: We have no fees at the elementary level. If there are any they must be approved by the board. All fees qualify. ENDO used to cover various items.
  • Vicki Allen added items suggested last meeting for Capital outlay.
  • Safety could work int trust funds. We have about $6000.00 more this year minus the increase for salaries. Leaves about $28,000.00 to spend.
  • Use same numbers from last years and build on them.
  • Smart TV’s- would depend on if the teacher needs it to be Touch, like a giant interactive TV. District will pay a certain %. Maybe trust funds could pay the rest. We would pay about $2,275.00 and district would match.
  • District will pay half on endorsements for teachers for Master’s degree and endorsements.
  • Professional development.
  • We have set aside $400.00 per teacher to be used as the teacher needs, this could be used for professional growth.
  • Up $ amount for skills and Beverly Taylor Art 2% and use the rest for technology.
  • Transportation and food for DIBLES training.
  • LIM- get a date
  • Yes, on language builder cards approximately $1,800.00

Keep same number adding extra to technology. Mr. Robison will start writing it up.

Alexis motion to adjourn- Vicki 2nd

Next meeting January 9th.