Attendees include:

Dennis Alldredge
Jessica Komarek
Natalie Ralphs
Cindy Rhodes
Sheila Sheriff
ShaRee Wade

Meeting called to order at 3:05

1st matter of business to vote for new chair and vice chair. Cynthia Rhodes – president elect last year. All in favor Cynthia Rhodes president – unanimous. ShaRee Wade nominated as president elect.

Review SAGE test scores.

  • FMS is at or above state levels in all categories, subjects, grade levels
  • FMS has met our proficiency goals
  • Goal to meet / exceed state, district levels – SAGE
  • A - Grade received by FMS – proficiency as well as growth were computed in.
  • Address challenges from different groups based on scores.

Reviewed current plan

  • Chrome lab being utilized –  brings total labs to 7;  4 being mobile labs
  • Supplemental classroom materials – science, art, math
  • Story works, IXL, Alex are being used daily.
  • Jr. Honor society – 1st trip held after quarter 1 printout – above 3.75 allowed to go on enrichment trip.
  • 2nd trip held in spring –late Feb. early Mar.
  • Purchasing prep for teacher – Spanish
  • Additional funds for more technology, software – including college and career awareness center.
  • $32,500 new figures possibly slightly more - in FMS -  funding for the community council to disperse for 2017-2018 school year.

Start discussion about new plan

  • All parts must be academic in nature
  • Focus on low scoring areas
  • School improvement plan
  • Digital literacy – internet appropriateness required
  • In touch with SCDC about program designed to warn kids of Internet safety.
  • 5% of funding may be used for positive behavior incentives.
  • Implement comprehensive guidance / counseling into plan – needs assessment – build positive relationships.
  • College, career readiness –Wed. run F report, make contact with struggling students, discuss credit, GPA, use positive impact center to help bring up grades.

Motion to purchase second step program available online:

  • Adolescent development, risk factors, social skills, staying connected, substance abuse, norms, violence, friendships.
  • Lessons to be given in Media Center (6th), Health (7th), and P.E. (8th).
  • Lessons for 5th grade – social / emotional learning P.E. or Art / Music.
  • 1 lesson each week – 15 / 16 lessons in each one
  • Cost of $1179.00 for 6th – 8th with additional cost of $419.00 for 5th grade.

All in favor – none opposed – purchase approved.

Positive Impact Center

  • Leaders In Action – Mr. Stephenson comes in every other day – meets with a different at-risk group. Teaches 7 habits to at-risk students.
  • Students will alternate every quarter giving 50-60% of student’s opportunity to participate.
  • Last year data project – number of at-risk students reduce the number of F’s to meet middle school requirements. Cut number of kids starting High school in Crossroads – ended up with no F’s.

Suggestions for funding for next year

  • Improving attendance, College and Career readiness.
  • LIA.
  • Disciplinary referrals.

Motion to adjourn at 4:00 – None opposed – next meeting Nov. 1st.

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