Fillmore Middle School Community Council
Minutes for December 12, 2016

Attendees include:

Dennis Alldredge

Jessica Komarek

Cindy Rhodes

Sheila Sheriff

Meeting called to order at 3:25 by Cynthia Rhodes

Request made for all members to receive prior meetings minutes in advance – Merlynn will email them to all members along with reminders before meetings.

School Improvement Plan statistics for last year - Percentage goals on tests

  • 60% writing (ELA) – actual 55%
  • 58% math
  • 55% science

Currently at or above all projected goals - except writing (55%)

Leave goals as they are. Raise science goal to 58%

  • Continue with math Olympiad, science Olympiad.
  • Writing – students are writing articles for the Mustang newsletter as well as having their writings submitted to the Chronicle Progress for publication.
  • Jr. Honor Society – 8th grade numbers are lower than we would like – 1st trip done. 2nd chance to come back in the spring so they can go on that NHS trip.
  • 2nd trip held in spring –late Feb. early Mar.
  • Continuing online programs (IXL, math, Utah compose, ALEXS)
  • Also a writing component available with ALEXS.
  • Enhance students’ use of technology.
  • Resources: Anti-bullying program. Mrs. Lawhorn, Mr. Larsen will teach in advisory – Mrs. Holt will teach 5th / 6th graders.

  Proposed plan:

  • 1 mobile lab - $13,000 – library placement – available in library for research, AR testing, or to be checked out to classrooms. (PCCR)
  • Supplemental Instruction materials - $6,000 – Teachers are happy with products currently being used. PCCR - (IXL, story works, math / science, ALEXS,)
  • Honor society $1,000 – Saved money by dropping national affiliation – includes teacher registration, travel costs, entry fees. (PCCR)
  • Teacher prep - $10,000 – will be a yearly increase – purchasing teacher prep time to teach Spanish. Can add additional section of US studies if preferred.
  • 2nd Step - $2,000 – Do we want to add a step – Anti bullying, positive self-image
  • 3 hour Art Aide – $9,000 – May exceed budget – depends on legislation passing.
  • Tie needs assessment in to PCCR
  • Mrs. Sheriff will cover PCCR in classes
  • Look into UESP, Step-Up Utah to set up at PCCR (brochures, etc.)

Not enough members present for a vote

Look over proposal and at next meeting have ideas or changes ready.

Suggestion – go to SAFE UTAH website and look at the program – UNI – anonymous reporting. Anything from bullying, abuse, suicide prevention, etc. includes ideas for involving the community.

Meeting adjourned 3:55

Next meeting on January 10th @ 3:00 in the Media center.


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