Fillmore Middle School Community Council Minutes
January 10, 2017

Attendees include:

Dennis Alldredge                                           Jessica Komarek

Cindy Rhodes                                                 ShaRee Wade

3:05 – meeting called to order. December meeting minutes approved by Jessica Komarek seconded by ShaRee Wade. Time turned over to Principal Alldredge.

Plan review was dispersed. Items already purchased for 2016-2017 plan include:

  • Chrome Lab
  • Scholastic Story works
  • IXL
  • English software (Utah compose)
  • First honor society trip was taken (62) 7th / 8th grade students went
  • Prep purchased to provide Spanish course
  • 2nd step program implemented

2016-2017 proficiency goals include slight adjustments

  • Writing assessment 60% proficient
  • Language Arts goal 55% proficient
  • Math 60% proficient
  • Science 57% proficient

Goals are very optimistic – teachers are doing their part to help us reach these goals.

Proposed 2017-2018 plan:

$14,000 Purchase chrome lab

  • possibly refurbish/upgrade existing labs

$6,000 Supplemental Instructional Classroom Materials Including:

  • Scholastic Story Works
  • Continue IXL
  • Continue Utah Compose
  • Continue ALEKS

$1,000 – Honor Programs

  • Continue Math and Science Olympiads, writing for local newspaper, school webpage.
  • Continue National Honor Society program

$9,500 – Purchase teacher prep

  • Continue offering Spanish course – with addition of Spanish at MHS, a Utah Scholars program can be initiated.

$1,500 – Anti-bullying program/curriculum

  • Continue anti- bullying curriculum with a program that highlights positive interaction.

$8,000 – (approximate) Art Aide 3 hours/day

  • Would like to be able to compensate Mrs. DeGraffenried for her work.

Total cost: $40,000

Any extra funds would be used for technology/software.

Any less amount would cut art aide funds.

Motion to approve - ShaRee Wade – motion seconded by Jessica Komarek. Approval – unanimous – will go before the board Thursday.

At the request of Mrs. Ralphs, who was unable to attend the meeting, Leader in me was discussed. Ultimately it was decided that the expense would not justify the end result. Also, teachers are already overloaded with numerous programs. Did not want to implement another program.

SAFE Utah app brought up as something that some members had looked at. Looks like a useful tool with anonymous reporting if help is needed. More research needed before it would possibly be implemented.

3:40 motion to adjourn - unanimous

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