Fillmore Middle School
Community Council Minutes - Feb 7, 2017

Attendees include:

Dennis Alldredge                                           Jessica Komarek

Cindy Rhodes                                                 

3:00 – meeting called to order. January meeting minutes approved by Jessica Komarek seconded by Cindy Rhodes. Time turned over to Principal Alldredge.

Meeting was called because there was an amendment made to the plan – We are eligible for a Beverly Taylor Sorenson arts grant. It will go into effect immediately. It will pay for ½ year this year, and the full year next year. School needs to match $1500 for this year. Next year we will have to match $3000 in funds. This will go to the Chorus/Choir program that is taught by Mrs. Lichfield. Amended plan as follows:

Proposed 2017-2018 plan:

$14,000 Purchase chrome lab

  • possibly refurbish/upgrade existing labs

$6,000 Supplemental Instructional Classroom Materials Including:

  • Scholastic Story Works
  • Continue IXL
  • Continue Utah Compose
  • Continue ALEKS

$1,000 – Honor Programs

  • Continue Math and Science Olympiads, writing for local newspaper, school webpage.
  • Continue National Honor Society program

$9,500 – Purchase teacher prep

  • Continue offering Spanish course – with addition of Spanish at MHS, a Utah Scholars program can be initiated.

$1,500 – Anti-bullying program/curriculum

  • Continue anti- bullying curriculum with a program that highlights positive interaction.

$8,000 – (approximate) Art Aide 3 hours/day

  • Would like to be able to compensate Mrs. DeGraffenried for her work.

$3,000 – Beverly Taylor Sorenson grant

  • Matching funds for a Beverly Taylor Sorenson arts grant

Total cost: $43,000

Any extra funds would be used for technology/software.

Any less amount would cut art aide funds.

Proposal to amend 2016-2017 plan by Cindy Rhodes – Seconded by Jessica Komarek

Motion to approve amended plan – Jessica Komarek – motion seconded by Cindy Rhodes.

Motion to end meeting at 3:10 proposed by Jessica seconded by Cindy

Contact was made to Natalie Ralphs, ShaRee Wade, and Sheila Sheriff – Vote was unanimous to amend plan.

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