Fillmore Middle School

School Improvement Plan


The faculty at Fillmore Middle School wants to continue exceeding the state average for the number of students scoring proficient on end of year testing.  We will also implement some accelerated programs for advanced students in math and science.  Finally, we want to enhance our use of technology while implementing common core standards.  

Fillmore Middle School will implement the following steps in order to achieve the previously stated goals:

  • Maintain the number of student proficiencies in the following areas:
    • Direct Writing Assessment - 90% of all students
    • Language Arts - 90% of all
    • Math – 80% of all students
    • Science – 75% of all students
  • Implement advanced math and science programs such as Math Olympiad and Science Olympiad.
  • Continue to develop/implement Tier II interventions for students who fall below the 10th percentile in core subjects.
  • Continue using writing software such as Utah Write and My Access to expand cross curriculum writing assignments.
  • Begin a multi-year program to purchase SMART boards for all teachers. 
  • Provide training and collaborative support in order to make effective use of technology, new common core curriculum materials, and online resources.
  • Purchase any additional resources or technology which will support the goals listed above.