Attendees include:


Dennis Alldredge

  • Jessica Komarek
  • Natalie Ralphs
  • Cindy Rhodes
  • ShaRee Wade

Meeting called to order at 3:05

1st matter of business to vote for new chair and vice chair. Jessica Komarek nominated for chair by Cynthia Rhodes. Seconded by ShaRee Wade. All in favor Jessica Komarek president – unanimous. Natalie Ralphs nominated as president elect.

Review SAGE test scores.

  • FMS is well above state levels in all categories, subjects, grade levels
  • Goal to meet / exceed state, district levels – SAGE
  • Some individual teachers were able to meet lofty goals of 60% proficient. Others fell just shy of the mark.
  • In math, FMS was within 5 of the top. Showing consistent performance at 3rd in growth component among comparable schools.
  • In science, 3rd overall, 4th in growth among comparable schools. Consistent last 3 years.
  • Data gateway is accessible to public if you would like to get on for yourself and compare how FMS did.

Reviewed current plan

  • Chrome lab being utilized
  • Supplemental classroom materials – science, art, math
  • Story works, IXL, Alex are being used daily.
  • Honor society – 1st trip held after quarter 1 printout – above 3.75 allowed to go on enrichment trip.
  • 2nd trip held in spring –late Feb. early Mar.
  • Purchasing prep for teacher – Spanish
  • Anti-Bullying Program / Curriculum began last year.
  • 3-hour Art Aide hired. Congratulations Mrs. Lisa DeGraffenried
  • Beverly Sorensen Arts Grant - Miss Debbie uses this program – matching grant
  • Approximately $52,000 new figures in FMS - funding for the community council to disperse for 2018-2019 school year.

Come up with ideas for next month’s meeting.

  • Implement a budget for in-service for teachers (Professional Development.)

Motion to adjourn by ShaRee – seconded by Natalie at 3:45 – None opposed – next meeting Nov. 14th @ 3:00