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Mission Squad Mission Statement 

To reduce youth suicide through education, training, and peer-to-peer intervention.  


  What are Hope Squads?

Hope4Utah is assisting schools in implementing a peer-to-peer leadership program to help prevent suicide.  HOPE stands for: 

Hold On



Secondary age students train to become a support system for their peers who are suffering from suicidal thoughts.  They learn the warning signs of suicide, reporting potential suicide behavior, as well as partnering with community resources. 


Hope Squad Goals

1.  Increase the knowledge of suicide warning signs. 

2.  Create postitive relationships among student peers and faculty.

3.  Break the code of silence-train students not to keep deadly secrets. 

4.  Raise awareness and acceptance for students to seek help from a trusted adult. 

5.  Reduce self-destructive behavior and reduce youth suicide.

6.  Educate students and parents about community mental health resources. 


Community Suicide Prevention Model - Circles4Hope

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