Student Registratioin Information

Online RegistrationWe encourage all parents to register online this year. No longer will you need to come to school and wait in line to register and pay fees. You may register online.

  • For new students at  Millard Registration.
  • Returning students at PowerSchool Parent Portal.
  • Instructions are located on this web page. If you need assistance please call FMS at 743-5660 or the district offices at 864-1000.
  • School fees may be payed online at Instant Payments, mailed to the school, or dropped off at the school anytime.

Those wanting to apply for free/reduced meals can now do it in the convenience of your home.  Please visit our website at: to apply on-line for free/reduced meals (available July 12th!).  Those wanting to apply in person can also download the form from the “Back-to-School Guide” on our webpage at or pickup an application from the school district office. Please fill it out and either mail or return the application to the school district office.
For those who cannot register online from home, Fillmore Middle will assist parents with online registration on August 3rd at Millard High School from 9:00am to 4:00 pm.

Student Fees for 2016-201 are:

          Reduced Monthly Lunch*               
   Reduced Yearly Lunch* $72.00
   Regular Month Lunch $45.00
   Regular Yearly Lunch $405.00
Grade 6  
  Year Book - Optional $25.00
Grade 7  
           Writing Lab - Mantatory                   
   TLC -  Mandatory for all 7th $6.00
   Beg. Fit-  Mandatory for all 7th $5.00
   Art - Mandatory if enrolled $5.00
   Band - Mandatory if enrolled $10.00
   Chorus - Mandatory if enrolled $5.00
   Year Book - Optional $25.00
Grade 8  
          Writing Lab - Mantatory $6.00
   Int. Fit-  Mandatory for all 8th $5.00
   Keyboarding -  Mandatory for all 8th $3.00
   Art - Mandatory if enrolled $5.00
   Band - Mandatory if enrolled $10.00
   Chorus - Mandatory if enrolled $5.00
   Year Book - Optional $25.00

*By application only