Fillmore Elementary will be hosting the annual 4th grade Spelling Bee on Wednesday, March 17th at 9:00 a.m.  Class Bees were held last week, and the top 5-7 spellers in each class have been determined.  Those participating include: 

Spelling Bee | BFCCPS

Mrs. Rowley

  • Baylee Rees 
  • Alex Lankard
  • Kian Hem
  • Emily Gonzalez 
  • Brynn Shumway

Mr. Nixon 

  • Avery Alldredge
  • Gavynn Gould-Jensen
  • Kinley Jensen
  • Ruby LeBaron
  • Korbin Turner
  • Zevon Young 

Mrs. Adams 

  • Treyson Adams
  • Whit Carter
  • Andrew Despain
  • Derringer Draper
  • Kamryn Iverson
  • Kylah Wardle
  • Wyatt Wilcox  

In order to follow school COVID guidelines, we will not be able to invite friends and families to attend in person.  However, this event will be streamed live on YouTube for anyone interested in watching.  The top five will move on to participate in the Millard School District Spelling Bee on March 24th. 

Here is the link: