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I can’t speak enough to how awesome our students, staff, parents, and community members are! I have been truly amazed at everyone’s response to the 5 inconveniences (mask wearing, physical distancing, symptom monitoring, cohort-ing, and hygiene) we are asking of everyone as we navigate the pandemic school setting. A big THANK YOU to all for the support and adaptation! Honestly, I was a little nervous about how all of this would come together. It has been awe-inspiring to not only witness everyone rise to the challenge, but especially to behold the attitudes with which the challenge has been met. It is humbling to be surrounded by such an impressive team! I know that my happiness level has risen several levels just from being back in school. I see the same in our students and staff. I hope you are finding the same to be true in your homes. Thank you!

Post Author: Matthew Bassett

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