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Fillmore Middle School held its first ever chess tournament. The event was sponsored by Mr. Swallow and held during lunchtime in the library. There was a sign-up sheet in the office, and there were quite a few students who signed up for the competition. We had (12) 5th graders, (6) 6th graders, (4) 7th graders, and (16) 8th graders. The competition was open to all students interested regardless of skill level. We had students who were seasoned experts to students who had never played a chess game before and were still learning the basic rules of play. The matches were double elimination. Here at FMS, we always encourage the kids to try new things, and to do their best. Hopefully, we can make this an annual event. If you do not know how to play, you have plenty of time to learn or just keep practicing and brush up on your skills. Awesome job to all the students who came out and participated and congratulations to the students who ended up winning the competition. 

Chess Winners
8th Grade—1st place—Ben Ralphs
8th Grade—2nd place—Logan Thomas
7th Grade—1st place—Jace Owen
7th Grade—2nd place Jace Jensen
6th Grade—1st place—Jensen Davies
6th Grade—2nd place—Branson Adams
5th Grade—1st place—Boston Kelsey
5th Grade—2nd place—Landon Schwartz

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