What is a CTE Pathway?

  • A Pathway is a sequence of courses within your area of interest.
  • A Pathway will connect your career interests from high school to college and/or career.
  • A Pathway is your educational road map guiding you to the high school courses and post-secondary options most relevant to your chosen career destination.
  • A Pathway will help you acquire the depth of knowledge and skill linked with specific post-secondary programs that will lead to a certificate, degree and/or career.
  • You choose, you decide what pathway is right for you.
Career and Technical Education Pathways deliver relevant and rigorous academic and technical experiences in: 
  • Agriculture
  • Business
  • FACS
  • Health
  • Info Tech
  • Precision Trade
Through the Agriculture Education program, you will learn how to become a productive employee and gain the academic skills to increase your earning potential while still in high school.
Courses we offer:
  • Horticulture Science
  • Agriculture Systems Technology
  • Animal Science
  • Floriculture
Each course in Business Education will prepare you to advance towards higher education as well as acquire immediate job skills. Whether it's Business Web Page design or creating a magazine layout in desktop publishing, you will learn how to become a productive employee and gain the skills to increase your earning potential while still in high school.  
Courses we offer:
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Business Administrative Support
  • Business Technology Support
Family and Consumer Science courses provide students with skills needed to balance life and careers.
Courses we offer:
  • Family and Human Services
  • Fashion Design
  • Food Science, Dietetics, Nutrition
  • Interior Design
Health Science Education is a program that will motivate and prepare you for pursuit of a health care profession.
Courses we offer:
  • Nursing
  • Medical Terminology
  • EMR (Emergency Medical Responder)
Each program in Information Technology Education is a sequence of courses that prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills necessary to enter their chosen field of study and increase their earning potential while still in high school, and later as they pursue post-secondary education.
Courses we offer:
  • Digital Media I and II
  • 3D Graphics and Animation
  • Web Development I and II
  • A+ Computer Repair and Maintenance
Project Lead the Way is a four-year sequence of engineering courses combined with traditional mathematics and science courses. You will be introduced to the scope, rigor, and discipline of engineering which will provide you with an opportunity to receive college credit as well as increase your earning while still in high school.
Courses we offer:
  • Machine Tool
  • Welding
  • Cabinet Making
  • Drafting
  • Auto Tech
  • Auto Tech Electronics
 Career and Technical Education Programs have strong ties to business and industry. These partnerships will allow you to step out of the classroom and into the real world, where you can gain a better understanding of the job skills required for your career. These programs are often short-term, hands-on, and cover a broad range of subjects. As you participate in CTE you will acquire the skills necessary for entry into well paid careers with:
  • High potential for rapid financial growth
  • High degree of personal satisfaction
  • Increased levels of responsibility
 Prepare for your future by exploring careers and
 Acquire job specific skills through
 Technical training,
 Hands-on learning and participation in
 Work-based learning activities. While obtaining
 Advanced technical training
 You can receive college credit while still in high school,
 Saving you time and money.