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The mission of Delta Elementary School is to assist students in gaining skills which will empower them for their lifelong journeys to success.

Our school motto “Be Our Best” states our mission in a simpler way. As we discuss our mission and motto, we introduce our school mascot,

“Bob, The Bulldog.”

At Delta Elementary, we believe:

. . . Learning is a lifelong journey, not a destination.

. . . Students want to learn when learning is enjoyable and intrinsically rewarding.

. . . All students should be given challenging opportunities to reach their full potential.

. . . Students are equal to our expectations of them; therefore, as teachers we need to motivate, praise, encourage, and guide them to achieve optimum learning.

. . . All students learn in different ways and at different rates; therefore, they should be taught using a variety of learning styles.

. . . Students who are actively involved in the decision making process are more accountable and become responsible citizens.

. . . Students and teachers are creative and unique, and each has talents and gifts they can contribute.

. . . Technology is critical for student and teacher success in our changing society.

. . . Students gain self esteem through classroom successes and school-wide accomplishments.

. . . Students need to learn to live within published, pre-set, consistent, and equally applied guidelines.

. . . Respect and empathy should be shown by students and teacher to one another and their property.

. . . Schools should be safe, nurturing, positive, and openly accessible, enabling all to learn in a productive environment.

. . . Learning is a continual process and responsibility that should involve students, parents, teachers, and the community.