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Delta North Elementary’s excellent teaching staff and support personnel want to ensure that every child in our school is successful. Our goal is to support and encourage each child in achieving his/her optimum potential by instilling in them an intrinsic sense of worth, curiosity and love of learning. If there is something going on that you feel may impact your child’s success or focus at school, please communicate with your child’s teacher, myself, or any other staff member. We are all here to support you and your student in the pursuit of excellence.myself and the entire staff at Delta North Elementary School, I would like to welcome you and your children to what we feel is a fun and exciting school.

Being actively involved in your child’s education is essential in developing a strong partnership between home and school. Whether you are working full-time or stay at home, make sure you take time everyday to connect and be present with your child. Talk to your child about what they are doing in school, have your child read to you, provide a quiet place to do homework everyday, and help your child stay organized!

Delta Elementary’s vision is to provide enriching, meaningful learning experiences in a safe and supportive learning environment. Our outstanding Parent Volunteer Group is essential in supporting our school. Their efforts provide many school activities and support our programs. Please support them as well, as they can always use help. We are a school where everyone shares in the responsibility for the success of every one of our students. We cannot do it alone.

Here’s to a strong year of teamwork, community building, and a commitment to do our best and be our best for our amazing student population.

Principal Delna Bliss

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