Policy No.
Date Approved
6000Eligibility and Admissions Requirements01-11-2024
6010Services for Homeless Students06-08-2023
6020Language Access Plan09-08-2022
6030Student Records Policy08-11-2022
6040Utah Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act08-11-2022
6050Student Data Protection09-08-2022
6060Technology Security07-13-2023
6070Use of Personal Electronic Communication Devices by Students07-09-2020
6100Student Discipline01-11-2024
6110Safe Schools01-11-2024
6120Safe Schools – Alcohol and Drugs01-11-2024
6130Safe Schools – Sexual Harrassment01-11-2024
6140Safe Schools – Discipline of Students with Disabilities01-11-2024
6150Safe Schools – Disruptive Student Behavior01-11-2024
6160Safe Schools – Emergency Safety Interventions01-11-2024
6170Safe Schools – Tobacco and Electronic Cigarettes01-11-2024
6180Safe Schools – Student Search and Seizure01-11-2024
6190Safe Schools – Bullying, Hazing, and Abusive Conduct11-09-2023
6195Safe Schools – Notification of Juvenile Courts01-11-2024
6200Health Requirements and Services: Medical Treatment11-09-2023
6220Student Concussion and Head Injury Policy01-11-2024
6230Student Drug Testing Policy01-11-2024
6300Interscholastic Sports01-11-2024
6310Student Conduct Related to Extra-Curricular Activities01-11-2024
6320Student Clubs01-11-2024
6330Extended Student Travel01-11-2024
6400Student Attendance01-11-2024
6410Student Dress05-16-2019
6420Students Working During School Hours06-11-2020
6430Person Authorized to Access Students at School01-11-2024