Policy No.
Date Approved
5030Religious neutrality08-08-2019
5040Homebound or Hospitalized Services10-12-2017
5050Elementary Program of Studies05-11-2017
5060Middle School Program of Studies05-11-2017
5070High School Program of Studies08-12-2021
5080Millard Education Online08-12-2021
5090Foreign Exchange Students04-08-2021

Compulsory Education and District Relationships with Charter, Online, Home, and Private Schools

5110Military Recruiting01-12-2017
5120Alternative Language Services10-12-2017
5130American Heritage in the Curriculum07-12-2018
5140Guidance Individual Learning Plan / Plan for College and Career Readiness07-08-2021
5150Computer, E-Mail, and Internet Acceptable Use Policy10-10-2019
5160Work-Based Learning Programs10-11-2018
5170Human Sexuality/Maturation03-17-2022
5180Instructional Materials/Media Selection04-08-2021
5185Motion Pictures in Classrooms and Schools06-14-2018
5190Copyrighted Materials06-14-2018
5195Media Collections: Dealing with Objectionable Material07-12-2018